On this page we have attached the Terms and Conditions relevant to our services.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these terms, and particularly the limits of liability, in the unlikely event of an incident.

Willmotts Transport Ltd operate under nationally recognised terms and conditions which are RHA Conditions of Carriage and RHA Conditions of Storage 2009. Where applicable for international transit we will extend cover for liability under the CMR convention.  Copies of these conditions are available on our website.
In common with industry practice, we insure our liability for loss or damage. We do not insure the goods themselves and the limits of liability therein will apply unless extended cover has been agreed by both parties. RHA Conditions can be added to or superseded by agreement, normally as part of a formal, long-term contract.
Customers are recommended to carry their own Marine Cargo insurance. This ensures you receive full invoice value on an all risks basis rather than being limited to cost value as per RHA standard terms. We also recommend that you insure goods in storage for the full replacement value rather than seeking reliance on our liability cover. We are unable to provide cover for some categories of product, for example some types of glass or personal effects.
To avoid disputed liability, customers should ensure that the consignee checks goods carefully on receipt and if any damage is noted, that the Proof of Delivery is claused appropriately and if possible photographs are taken. Goods may need to be inspected by an insurance company and should not be disposed of. Any claim must be against the production or cost value of the damaged or lost goods, and not against the retail value or the whole consignment.
RHA terms do not include cover for consequential loss. All work is undertaken in good faith and to the best of our ability and there is no recompense provided against consequential loss or retrospective costs or fines incurred by customers due to non-conformance, error, omission, delay or other cause. These include, but are not restricted to; supermarket fines, penalties for late deliveries, line stoppages, additional labour charges or other third party carrier costs or demurrage.
Payment of freight or storage charges shall not be withheld pending the settlement of any claim which the customer may have against Willmotts Transport Ltd. No claim can be accepted for less than £75.00 excluding VAT.
Claims for damage to property will be processed under our Motor Insurance or Liability policies depending on the circumstance. We have no liability for damage to property caused by a third party and these should be resolved between the parties directly involved.

For any further information on the below please contact our head office on 01749 880 333, asking for the sales department.



To see Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage click HERE

To see Road Haulage Association Conditions of Storage click HERE

To see the Pallet Network Proof of Insurance HERE

If you need to make a claim for goods delivered through the Pallet Network, please click HERE for a claim form, which should be emailed to claims@willmottstransport.com.  Please ensure we are notified immediately of any claim.