Colder Weather is coming

Colder Weather is coming


Britain braced for wintry blast with forecasters predicting ‘messy weather’

Britain is bracing itself for an icy blast over the coming week when temperatures will plummet below freezing to bring snow and widespread frosts.

The chill weather – the first wintry spell for many – will be a sharp change from the mild weather last month, the wettest on record and the warmest ever December, when temperatures averaged 7.9C (46.2F).

Forecasters are predicting a wet start to the week, with wintry showers especially on high ground, before an area of high pressure towards the weekend will see temperatures struggling to reach 5C (41F) in the South and not rising above freezing further north.

Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are being warned of the risk of frost and ice on roads.


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