General Traffic

All European and Irish traffic will need to be loaded weekend of 16th December 2011 any other times will need to be agreed with the traffic office prior to booking the load.


-Northern Scotland last loading day will be Tuesday 20th December 2011.
-Southern Scotland last loading day will be Wednesday 21st December 2011.

Wales and England

-Wales and England last loading times will depend on mileage Northern England, Kent, East Anglia last loading time 22nd December 2011 am.
-All other destinations will need to be loaded by 22nd December 2011 pm.

We will be able to cover work between Christmas and New Year with prior notice.
Transport office will be open 28th December to 30th  December 2011, so if you need warehousing or Logistics please call the main number 01749 880333. Outside of these times the phone line will be diverted to our on call member of Staff.

Please note that there is a bank holiday in Scotland on Tuesday 3rd January 2012, therefore first deliveries will be on Wednesday 4th January 2012.

If you require any further assistance over this period please speak to Matt Loxton, Andy Tuck or Martin Glover who will be happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

Happy Christmas from all at Willmottsdjb!